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Expand your vocabulary like a pro! This article has a book of flashcards on learning the synonyms of common English words that you use regularly in your vocabulary and communication! Having a vast vocabulary is a sign of intelligence and it would definitely be beneficial for you to know as many words as you can, so you won’t stuck when you see a new word, maybe you have seen it before and can able to derive the closest meaning to it! These flashcards are free printables so you can print them out and have a fun learning or quiz time using these! Stun everyone with your knowledge!

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Other Ways To Say Some Common Words with Synonyms

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AngryAngry - Synonyms Words with Examples

Mad – Dad was mad at me for damaging the car.

Irritated – I was irritated by their stupid questions.

Cross – She was cross with me for being late.

Annoyed – I’ll be annoyed if we don’t finish by eight.

Furious – Residents in the area are furious at the decision.

Livid – He looked absolutely livid.

Outraged – Most people were outraged by the 9/11 attacks.

DeliciousDelicious - Synonyms Words with Examples

Tasty – She makes a really tasty dish with chicken and rice.

Appetizing – The food wasn’t particularly appetizing.

Flavourful – A flavourful Red juice.

Yummy –  I think I’ll have some more of that yummy chocolate cake.

Delectable – A delectable cheesecake.

Scrumptious – A scrumptious meal.

Mouth-watering – The waiter came round with a tray of mouth-watering cream cakes.

DifficultDifficult - Synonyms Words with Examples

Challenging – Teaching young children is a challenging and rewarding job.

Tricky – She had helped him out of a tricky situation.

Daunting – The task seemed a little daunting at first.

Hard – The test was really hard.

Onerous – She found the duties of motherhood onerous.

Tough – Life is tough sometimes.

Arduous – An arduous task.

ExcellentExcellent - Synonyms Words with Examples

Great – He did a great job as captain.

Splendid – The staff are doing a splendid job.

Terrific – Mr. Jones thought my history paper was terrific.

Top-notch – That restaurant is really top-notch.

Wonderful – He is a wonderful cook.

Fantastic – We had a fantastic time.

Grand – You have done a grand job.

FastFast - Synonyms Words with Examples

Speedy – He’s a very Speedy worker.

Rapid – A rapid increase in the population.

Quick – I tried to catch him but he was too quick for me.

Brisk – I took a Brisk walk.

Swift – He received a swift response to his letter.

Hasty – I think perhaps we were a little Hasty in judging him.

FriendFriend - Synonyms Words with Examples

Mate – Terry’s an old mate of mine.

Pal – We’ve been pals since we were at school.

Comrade – He misses his comrades from his days in the army.

Buddy – He’s out playing basketball with some of his high school buddies.

Companion – His dog was his constant companion.

Chum – Freddie’s an old-school chum of mine.

Confidant Her brother is her closest confidant.

FunnyFunny - Synonyms Words with Examples

Light-hearted – A light-hearted comedy.

Hilarious – The movie has some hilarious scenes.

Witty – Peter is a witty comedian.

Amusing – He found the whole incident rather amusing.

Comical – It was quite comical watching him trying to dance.

Humorous – The movie is meant to be humorous

Sidesplitting – He told some sidesplitting jokes.

HappyHappy - Synonyms Words with Examples

Delighted – The Doctor says they are delighted with her progress.

Glad – He was glad to see someone that he knew.

Thrilled – He’s thrilled at the idea of going to Disneyland.

Pleased – I’m pleased I passed my exam.

Elated – We were elated to find out She was pregnant against us.

Ecstatic – The crowd was ecstatic and cheered wildly.

Overjoyed – She was overjoyed when she found out that her son was safe.

HonestHonest - Synonyms Words with Examples

Sincere – The details will tell you who is sincere to you.

Straightforward – You can count on her to be blunt, straightforward, and very truthful.

Decent – He is a decent guy, who would help anyone in real.

Trustworthy – This system is trustworthy and safe to work.

Genuine – She has always shown a genuine concern for poor people.

Virtuous – The virtuous person is pure, not in act only but also in heart.

KindKind - Synonyms Words with Examples

Thoughtful – It was thoughtful of you to send him a card.

Caring – She’s lucky to have such a loving and caring husband.

Considerate – He’s always very polite and considerate to his guests.

Nice – Everyone has been so nice to me.

Warmhearted – The town is full of warmhearted, helpful people.

Benevolent – A benevolent ruler.

Sympathetic – My boss was very sympathetic and said I should take some time off work.

PeacefulPeaceful - Synonyms Words with Examples

Quiet – He did a great job as captain.

Calm – The financial markets are calm at the moment.

Tranquil – A small tranquil village.

Restful – They had a restful weekend.

Serene – A serene mountain lake.

Soothing – The soothing music helped the students before their exams.

PrettyPretty - Synonyms Words with Examples

Beautiful – She was even more beautiful than I had remembered.

Stunning – They were too fatigued to continue with the climb.

Gorgeous – The bride looked gorgeous.

Attractive – She’s a very attractive woman

Handsome – He was tall, dark, and handsome.

Lovely – You look lovely tonight.

Good-looking – He’s a good-looking guy, but he’s a bit boring.

SadSad - Synonyms Words with Examples

Downcast – He was understandably downcast after the team’s loss.

Gloomy – Why are you all looking so gloomy?

Dejected – She looked a bit dejected when they told her she didn’t get the job.

Glum – Don’t look so glum Maybe you’ll win next time.

Despondent – She started to feel Despondent about ever finding a job.

Unhappy – I was very unhappy with the service

Down – She’s been kind of down since that argument with Jack.

Sorrowful – With a sorrowful sigh, she folded the latter and put it away.

ScaryScary - Synonyms Words with Examples

Frightening – She found the film extremely frightening.

Chilling – The court heard chilling details about the attack.

Creepy – This place is really creepy.

Terrifying – The experience was absolutely terrifying.

Spooky – It was a spooky coincidence.

Bloodcurdling – A bloodcurdling story.

Eerie – She heard the eerie noise of the wind howling through the trees.

SmallSmall - Synonyms Words with Examples

Tiny – A tiny old lady answered the door.

Minute – They found minute traces of poison in his body.

Petite – His wife was a petite dark-haired woman in her early thirties.

Poky – They live in a poky little flat.

Little – A little old man came into the room.

Teeny – I’ll just have a teeny bit of cream.

Itty-bitty – We stayed at some itty-bitty hotel in aback street.

SmartSmart - Synonyms Words with Examples

Bright – He is a very bright kid.

Clever – Sarah is very clever at physics.

Intelligent – Peter is a highly intelligent young man.

Brainy – My sister is the brainy one in our family.

Crafty – She was a crafty woman.

Cunning – He is a very cunning man.

Brilliant – Her mother was a brilliant scientist.

StrangeStrange - Synonyms Words with Examples

Weird – I had a weird dream last night.

Bizarre – Mark’s behavior was really bizarre.

Odd – Her father was an odd man.

Quirky – I like his quirky sense of humor.

Peculiar – She has the most peculiar ideas.

Eccentric – He lived alone and had some slightly eccentric habits.

TiredTired - Synonyms Words with Examples

Fatigued – They were too fatigued to continue with the climb.

Drained – You look completely drained, why don’t you go to bed?

Exhausted – I must get some sleep- I’m exhausted.

Shattered – By the time I got home, I was shattered.

Worn out – I have been working all night and I’m worn out.

Bushed – I’m bushed. I think I’ll go to bed early.

Knackered – I’m too knackered to go out this evening.

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