The Amazing Science of… Dust?

Dust is something that is found everywhere. No matter how many times you get rid of it from your house, they keep appearing. This continuous struggle of keeping dust out of our life has become part of our life.


What is dust made up of?

Dust that we find in our house is made up of grains of sand, dead skin cells, tiny hairs and threads, animal dander, pollen, man-made pollutants, minerals, and dust mites. But this isn’t all dust is made up of.
Household dust also consists of atmospheric dust such as coal or volcanic ashes, which come from various sources such as soil lifted by the wind, pollution, and volcanic eruptions.
While dust might seem insignificant the truth is without dust there won’t be us, there won’t be planets, our solar system, or stars. This is because we are all made up of dust!

Cloud of dust

“Air is our medium and dust is our message”
Said by the author, Hannah Holmes, every time we inhale the dust, we are connecting to where it all began.
When space dust was studied it was found that it was made from the same elements our earth was made up of.
Everything began from a cloud of dust. In dust, there are atoms, elements, and chemicals. Gravity pulls the dust and gases in space and condenses them which results in the formation of galaxies, stars, comets, moons, asteroids, planets, and even our solar system.

We are all made up of dust

“Ashes to ashes. Dust to Dust.
We are nothing, But dust
and to dust we shall return”

The elements found in stardust are also elements that make us. Not as insignificant as we thought dust to be.
We all come from the same dust and when we die we turn to that same dust.

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