The benefits of good posture

Do you end up slouching after a while of sitting down at the same place? If yes, then it’s time to break that unhealthy habit!

It may seem like a normal and comfortable habit right now but in the years to come, it can turn into a health hazard. Not only is this bad habit impacting your body externally, but as time goes by, it will also make things harder for your internal organs.


What is Good Posture?

Firstly, on looking from the front or the back all 33 vertebrae in your spinal cord should appear in a straight line instead of having a bent formation.

Then, from the side the three curves of the spine should be evident- one at the neck, one at the shoulders and the last one at the small of your back.

How does Good Posture ultimately help us?

These curves play a crucial role in absorbing stress to minimize the amount of tension experienced during strenuous activities. Furthermore, that also helps us stay upright.

Moving around gets easier if the center of gravity is directly over the base of support. Muscle strain and fatigue experienced in the process also gets minimized.

How can one’s posture be improved?

Even while using the mobile phone, you should sit keeping your neck vertical and not bent. Relax your shoulders and station your knees at right angle with respect the floor.

If your posture is already in bad shape, then change the way you work by altering you work space. Adjust the monitor in such a way that its either at your eyelevel or slightly below that. While working your elbows and wrists should have some kind of support under them.

While sleeping, position yourself on your side and use a pillow to support your neck. Additionally, also keep a pillow between your legs.

Your shoes should have low heels and have a good arch support. Moreover, it’s not just staying upright. You must exercise regularly or engage your muscles and joints in some kind of movement to keep them active and flexible.

Always carry things by holding them close to your body. If you’re carrying a backpack, then it should be symmetrically in contact with your back.

Basically, keep moving and keep exercising to maintain the efficiency of your body. If things start getting worse and all these changes might not helping you get better, then you should consult a physical therapist. Stay healthy and take care of your body!

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