This is Sparta: Fierce warriors of the ancient world

This is Sparta: Fierce warriors of the ancient world

Sparta was a widely known city in the ancient Greece. It was mostly recognized for its unified Greek military force. Considering the constitution and social system, it was unique in Greece. The Sparta defeated the Athens in the war. All the information about Sparta was gathered from non-Spartan ancient histories as it was against the norms and rules of Spartans to keep record of themselves.

Wars happened frequently in ancient Greece. Except Sparta, all other city states protected themselves by building walls because it had the most efficient army at that period of time.

Why did Sparta have the most fierce warriors?

Sparta had the most fierce warriors because of the training and practice given to the soldiers. From the very young age, the kids were given rough training because the only purpose of their living was to serve Sparta. The elder Spartan leaders would examine every new born child in Sparta and only the strong and healthy babies were given permission to live while the weak babies would be left to die.

Irrespective of the gender, all kids were expected to be physically strong, mentally sharp and emotionally resilient in Sparta. Children were taught to show loyalty to Sparta first and then only to the parents and family. After the boys turned nine, they were sent to agoge wherein they would be receiving all the trainings for a perfect warrior. Within the thirteen years of training period, much of the time was spent in learning how to fight. They were trained to withstand all temperature changes and even poverty. During diamastigosis, a religious ritual, teenage boys would be whipped as a practice.

The condition of Spartan girls was quite different. They stayed at their house and went to school for learning arts, dance, music, reading and writing. In order to stay physically fit, they were taught sport activities like discus, javelin and even horse back riding.

One’s duty to Sparta was only completed by dying for their city- state. Even the tombs were given only to the men who died in wars and to the women who died during child births.

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