Which bird builds the best nest?

A house is the most safest place for all living beings. Be it humans, or animals or plants or even insects; house is truly where the heart is!

Just like us humans, birds are one other category of life which build their homes (nest) with utmost care, and live in it beautifully! Come lets see which bird has the best nest!


Home Sweet Home

Every bird has the expertise to build a exquisite nest for themselves, suiting to all their needs. Just like all houses are not the same, similarly all bird nests are not the same. The birds use grass blades, twines, straw and leaves to build their nest. The nests are mostly semi-circular or basket like in shape, so that they can safely keep their eggs and chicks in them.

Out of all the birds, it is the Weaver Bird which is renowned for building the most beautiful nest ever.

Impressive Structure

The male weaver bird is the one who undertakes the mammoth task of creating the entire nest itself. This is quite contrary to other birds, where either the females create the nest to lay their eggs, or both male and female build a nest together.

In the case of the weaver bird, the superior nest is built in a way that it quickly impresses any passing female weaver bird, so that it may choose his nest to lay the eggs.

Strengthened And Balanced

The nest of a weaver bird is indeed a beautiful sight to behold. The shape is unique, like a tumbler with a huge hole on the surface that acts a passage for entry. These nests are left freely hanging from the branches, far away from any kind of surface contact. Despite appearing as something as most unstable, these nests are built by weaving the surface with strong leaves and straws, and so it ensures that the nest does not fall off easily.

Being adrift from any surface contact, makes this nest absolutely safe and secure, especially for the eggs of the weaver bird, which may be attacked or stolen by any other predatory bird.

Final Touches

Every work of art gets perfected by the final finishing touches. In this case as well, this service is provided by any attracted female weaver bird.

If the female bird likes the nest to perfection, and finds it safe to lay her eggs, it will then definitely join the male weaver bird in completing the task of nest building; especially the part of creating the tunnel-like entrance. This also marks a sign of friendship and unity between the birds!

A Cosy Home

Ensuring the comfort of the nest is the job of the female weaver bird. So whilst she chooses the perfect residence for herself, she also makes sure that the nest is suitable and safe for her to lay her eggs.

To ensure this, the female weaver bird lines the interiors of the nest with soft leaves and feathers so that it makes up for a soft base for the eggs to stay and hatch. Once the nest is completely built, and both the birds have ensured the safety of it, then only shall they proceed to lay the eggs and hatch off-springs.


  • It is a phenomenon of male birds to grow beautiful sets of feathers to attract the females!
  • A swallow bird builds its nest with nothing more than a mouthful of mud, which it places in a cup-like shape!


  1. What happens to the nests of migratory birds?
  2. How does a newly born bird off-spring learn to fly?
  3. What are some of the other shapes pf nests for birds?


  • The _______ bird builds the best nest.
  • The entrance for a weaver nest is ______ shaped.
  • A male weaver bird makes the nest in a _______ manner.
  • _______ and ______ help to line the nest with softness.
  • The male weaver bird builds the nest to _______ females.


  1. A weaver nest is generally hanging and not placed on a branch: _______
  2. Weaver bird use plastic to build the nest: _______
  3. Female weaver bird builds the entrance to the nest: _______
  4. Weaver birds have to ensure safety of their nest :_______
  5. Swallows build their nest on trees: ________

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