Why do some animals have sharp teeth?

Why do some animals have sharp teeth

Some animals have sharp teeth to help them tear and cut through meat, as they are carnivores that primarily eat other animals. Sharp teeth are adapted for hunting and consuming prey efficiently.



1. Which of the following animals has sharp teeth to help it eat meat?

A) Cow
B) Lion
C) Horse
D) Sheep


2. Why don’t herbivores like cows have sharp teeth?

A) They lost them
B) They use them to scare predators
C) They need them to grind plants
D) They prefer to swallow food whole


3. Sharp teeth in some animals are mainly used for:

A) Smiling
B) Biting into hard plants
C) Tearing meat
D) Digging holes


4. Which animal has sharp teeth to help it catch and eat fish?

A) Rabbit
B) Shark
C) Elephant
D) Giraffe


5. How do sharp teeth benefit predators in the wild?

A) They make them look scarier
B) They help them chew leaves faster
C) They assist in catching and tearing apart prey
D) They are only for decoration


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