Why do we need water?

Water is one of the most essential thing required for life as we can see in our daily life. Human body is 70%water. Water not only satisfies our thirst, keep us hydrated but also supplies our body with essential nutrients. Water is important for every living organism on this planet. One can survive 8 to 21 days without food but can survive only 3 days without water. Apart from our physical needs water is also very essential for daily household chores like washing, bathing, cooking etc. Water plays an important role in agriculture and industrial field as well.

Life on earth is impossible without water. We can’t  imagine a single day without water. From keeping us alive to providing a suitable atmosphere to uncountable number of organisms inside it water plays a very crucial role in maintaining a balanced biosphere in which we live as biosphere is made up of lithosphere (land) atmosphere (air) and hydrosphere (water).

71% of earth’s surface is covered with water. Oceans hold 96.5% of water. Water is also present in the air in the form of water vapour, in lakes and rivers, in glaciers and in soil.

There’s so much water on earth but still some places have water crisis. Fresh and clean water to drink isn’t available in all the areas due to which people have to suffer from scarcity of water. Billion number of people don’t have access to water. In some rural and remote areas people still have to bring water daily from nearest source by covering a long distance which is very troubling. It creates other problems as well like unavailability of water on time for example in a village there is an old couple in a house and the water container in their house get’s empty because of leakage and one of them is very thirsty and needs water urgently so the other one have to again cover a long distance to get the water which takes a lot of effort. Small children and womens have to walk with heavy containers which can affect their physical health very badly. Proper access to water in all parts of the country is very important.

On the other hand water pollution and wastage of water has became a massive problem. Throwing garbage in water bodies, discharge of harmful chemicals and oil from industries are one of the major pollutants in water. These pollutants not only contaminate the water but also a major threat to marine life. Consumption of contaminated water is a big source of different diseases like typhoid, cholera, encephalitis etc. Water pollution is a hazard to nature. We can’t live without fresh water as it is very important to stay alive just like air. We need  to save water or a major part of population will suffer from water scarcity in future.

Awareness regarding to water pollution and scarcity are a part of our education. Government has also taken initiative to save water by introducing different programs like “Jal shakti abhiyan” and “Namami gange”. Setting water treatment plants. Spreading awareness among people to save water.

There’s plenty of water on earth but we are provided with limited amount of fresh water because a major part of water which ocean holds is salty. From the above paragraphs it is understood that how essential water is for us and why do we need water. By polluting and wasting water we are creating a problem for ourselves in near future and creating a threat to nature. Along with government we also need to take initiative to fight with this crisis. By sustainable use of water we can save a large amount of water. Water is life so save water, save life.

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