Paragraph on ‘Save Water’

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‘Save Water’ is one of the important topics on which students can be asked to write a paragraph in exams in school. Please check the various samples (in 100 words, 150 words, 200 words, and 300 words) provided below for the paragraph.


Paragraph on “Save Water” in 100 words

Natural resources can’t exist without water. It is the most valuable resource in nature. All life on planet earth, including that of humans, plants, animals, and all living things, depends on water. No living thing can ever thrive without water. Apart from normal household tasks, water is needed for industrial and agricultural operations. We are not aware of the risks that water waste poses today. In social gatherings, events, and celebrations, water is wasted in huge amounts. Every day, we misuse water in our houses as well. We have a habit of keeping the taps running when brushing, cleaning, taking a shower, etc. As a result, major water conservation measures must be implemented.

Paragraph on “Save Water” in 150 words

The sustainability of life on Earth depends on water. It allows for the possibility of life on Earth because life without water is not possible. No life can exist without water, which is a basic necessity. Only 2% of the world’s surface is covered by freshwater, despite the fact that water covers 75% of the planet’s surface.  Freshwater is now even more important and shouldn’t be wasted as a result. For life to exist on Earth, water is just as essential as air. There are several places where water is scarce and uncommon due to the overuse of the resource. Lack of access to water could have severe impacts on humans and other living things. We utilize freshwater most frequently, yet we also waste it the most. Water is also wasted by the industrialization process. By adding industrial garbage into water bodies, it makes water useless. Utilizing water becomes harmful when hazardous compounds are added to it. Since water is a fundamental resource, we should conserve it for both ourselves and the next generation.

Paragraph on “Save Water” in 200 words

Water is the most significant and vital natural resource, which makes up roughly 70% of our body. Every day, we need water for personal activities including drinking, cooking, cleaning, and bathing. Additionally, our body needs about 4-5 liters of water per day. Water is necessary for all living things, including humans, animals, plants, and birds. We must save water for this reason.  It is as vital to life as air is to life on Earth. Due to excessive and inappropriate usage of water, supplies are now scarce. Due to the lack of availability of water, humans and other living things may find themselves in life-or-death situations. Water scarcity is a global issue brought on by inadequate rainfall and excessive groundwater use. The groundwater in some areas is either wasted or polluted. Dry season conditions are brought on by such overuse of natural water. A crucial factor in causing water exhaustion is also rapid population increase. Greater people means there will be more demand, which also means more waste. The main causes of water waste are lack of attention on the part of people and carelessness on the part of authorities. The World Health Organization estimates that 844 million people lack access to clean water. It is essential that we conserve water for both the now and the future because this reality is so unsettling.

Paragraph on “Save Water” in 300 words

There is no way to imagine existence on Earth without water. Freshwater makes up only 3% of the volume of water on Earth, but it is the water we use every day. This means that it is extremely rare and shouldn’t be wasted in any way. The activities of humans are rapidly depleting the freshwater supply on Earth every day. The two main reasons for using water are to prevent contamination and waste. Many plants need water in order to survive on earth.

Water also supports a wide range of aquatic life.

The first cause could be excessive freshwater waste and negligent usage of water in regular activities. The second source of pollution is industrial waste, which discharges untreated water into lakes and streams on a daily basis. Pesticides and chemical fertilizers can potentially pollute waterways. Apart from that, sewage waste is deposited into rivers, polluting the water.

It is now an excellent time to make joint efforts to safeguard water and save it from extinction. We need to make people more aware of the value of water and the harm we do by wasting it. We have built a coffin for humanity and all living things by wasting water on a regular basis. While people like us express ignorance, the world continues to deteriorate. We see that the arrangement is in our hands, but we are not prepared to act rapidly. It’s just that we don’t realize how bad a situation is until we face it. There are numerous methods for conserving water and reducing pollution. Furthermore, these strategies include treating industrial wastewater before discharging it into rivers. Also, use only the amount of water needed and avoid waste. Aside from that, we can raise public awareness about the water crisis through ad campaigns and other means. If we don’t want to be charged with drying up and killing the world, we need to stop assessing and start doing to save water.

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