Why do we yawn?

Why do we yawn

Yawning often occurs when someone is bored or tired, as it is a way for the body to increase oxygen intake and wake up a bit.



1. What does yawning help increase in the brain?

A) Carbon dioxide
B) Oxygen
C) Sugar levels
D) Blood

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2. Can yawning be contagious?

A) Yes
B) No


3. Why might someone yawn during exercise?

A) To cool down the brain
B) To signal they are giving up
C) Because they are bored
D) Because they are confused

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4. What can a yawn do for your ears when you are on an airplane?

A) Nothing
B) Make them hurt more
C) Help equalize ear pressure
D) Make you hear better immediately

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5. When do humans start yawning?

A) After they are born
B) When they turn one year old
C) While they are still in the womb
D) When they start to walk

6. What is NOT a reason animals might yawn?

A) As a sign of aggression
B) To show they are happy
C) To cool their brains
D) As a response to seeing others yawn


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