Why the metric system matters

Welcome back student, you might know your weight, height and even the number of apples you once bought from the market but have you ever thought the words you often use to measure them like centi-metres and kilograms what are they and why everyone understands them? These are the measurement units and they are accepted and understood globally so when you ask for 1kg apples the seller understands. In this lesson we will understand about the history of metric system and also about its current significance.

The beginning…

The credit for the metric system goes to France. It all started in the year 1670 when Gabriel Mouton proposed a decimal system for conducting measurement which was based on a fraction of the Earth’s circumference. In later years a few mathematicians proposed their metric systems and in the year 1790 the National Assembly of France ordered the French Academy of Sciences to make a standard system of weights and measurements and in the year 1795 France successfully adopted the metric system.

Did you know the word ‘meter’ is derived from the Greek word ‘metron’ which means a measure?

The metric system is today accepted worldwide and is known as SI (International system of units).

Significance of Metric system

Today this metric system has a great significance as it is making our daily lives easier, easier to understand because it is accepted globally and also suitable for conducting scientific researches and calculations. Metric system is a great and logical reference to measure the quantities, you will be surprised to know that before any stable metric system people used several things like rice, grain, length of a hand as a reference to measure the quantities.

Surf the internet and try to find out more about the metric system and conversions in metric system.

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