A different way to visualize rhythm

Rhythm is more than just a simple element of music. We are pretty much surrounded by it. To be specific, when an event repeats over time it is known as a rhythm for instance a clock ticking or even a regular heartbeat. 

Visualization of rhythm is possible in terms of times. Rhythm in music is an opposing beat with a unique sound. To make these beats distinct, one can always seek the help of low and high drums or long and short beats and so and so. 


Tracing Rhythm With A Flow Of Circle

Just like a ticking clock, the rhythm can be traced in the manner of a circle. Precisely, one can always mark the beats in different places of the circle and can experiment and listen to rhythm consisting of the main and opposing beats. It is also possible to experiment with a rhythm of the main beat, offbeat and secondary beat. 

To further divide the space between the beat into sub beats, one can use multiples of two and three. If you want to create a complex rhythm, all you need to do is layer the pattern with concentric circles. 

Four beat system

Four beat system can be achieved by the combination of a basic two-beat rhythm and off beats. Many genres of current time such as rock, jazz and reggae use this.

Three four

After the combination of two-beat system and a three beat one and then performing elimination of the main extra beat and then rotating circle in the inner side leaves us with the three four. Many among the broad range of Latin America and Bach’s famous Chaconne use this. 

Six eight

The general knowledge is that Rubin’s vase can be reversed depending upon the perception of culture. If we modify by hearing the offbeat as the main beat of Rubin’s vase, we will get six eight rhythm. Genres that consist of these are Chacarera, Quechua and so and so. 

Eight beat system rhythm

To get an eight beat system rhythm there has to be two layered circles where different instruments would play each rhythm such as guitar and bass. 

The accuracy can be increased by adding an outermost layer that will consist of an additive rhythmic component which will reinforce the beat. 

Music Found In

Cuban Cinquillo

To get Cuban Cinquillo, you have to remove everything from the circle but the combined rhythm with the top with a pair of basic beat. 

Middle Eastern Music

When the outer circle is rotated counterclockwise, it will yield a pattern that will play the music that one usually finds in the Middle East. 

So, the basic concept is that in every example that is provided above the rhythm that underlies reinforces the basic one-two but the thing that makes it different is the pattern of arrangement and the context of culture.  

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