Animal Habitats

Animal Habitats (1)

Welcome to Learn Animal Habitats! Here, you will explore the world of animals and learn about the different habitats they live in. With the help of these pictures, you can discover the unique ecosystems of the planet, and gain a better understanding of the environment in which animals live. So come along and join us in discovering the amazing world of animal habitats!

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Learn Animal Habitats

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Animal Habitats (1)

  • MouseHole
  • Pig Pigsty
  • CamelDesert
  • AntAnthill

Animal Habitats (2)

  • CowBarn
  • HenCoop
  • HorseStable
  • LionDen

Animal Habitats (3)

  • SpiderWeb
  • RabbitWarren
  • Sheep – Farm
  • SnailShell

Animal Habitats (4)

  • EarthwormUnder Ground
  • DogKennel
  • FishRiver
  • GoatShed

Animal Habitats (5)

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