Common Homonyms

Do you know about homonyms? They are the words which have many different meanings! The words have the same spelling and same pronunciation as well but have 2 or more meanings of it. Kids find them hard to learn as these words seem confusing but are very common in our daily communication. So, there is a need for them to learn these words. Well, for that very reason and to make the kids willingly learn them easily, we presented some designer flashcard books on homonyms that have some common words with easy-to-understand meanings that the kiddos will find fascinating! These are free printables so you can print them out and have a quiz time as well, it would be fun!


Homonyms: Multiple Meaning Words

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Common Homonyms Words - Book Cover

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ReservationReservation - Common Homonym

An agreement to have something held for you

  • eg. Hi, we have a reservation for two nights.

A feeling of doubt or uncertainty

  • eg. I have some reservations about going for a walk outside- it’s so hot!

MonitorMonitor - Common Homonym

A video screen used to display information

  •  eg. They check the monitor to see what is in each bag.

To watch or observe something over a period of time

  •  eg. The doctor monitored her heart rate.

LogLog - Common Homonym

A piece of a cut or fallen tree

  • eg. When people go camping, they collect logs to build fires.

To officially record a piece of information

  • eg. Our teacher logs our attendance every day.

KindKind - Common Homonym

Type; a group of things that have something in common

  • eg. What kind of juice would you like?

Thoughtful, gentle, and considerate of other people’s needs

  • eg. He is a very kind young man.

LightLight - Common Homonym

Something that makes things visible

  • eg. Plants need light from the sun to grow.

Not heavy; easy to lift

  • eg. Your suitcase is so light!


Duck - Common Homonym

A type of swimming bird with webbed feet and a short neck

  • eg. The duck is walking near the lake.

To lower the head quickly in order to avoid being seen or hit

  • eg. Raj didn’t duck his head down as he crawled out.

FlyFly - Common Homonym

A black insect with two wings

  •  eg. There is a fly buzzing around the room.

To move through the air with the help of wings

  •  eg. She wants to become a pilot so she can fly airplanes.

ChairChair - Common Homonym

A seat for one person; usually has a back

  • eg. It’s important to have a comfortable chair if you sit at work.

The person in charge of a meeting or organization.

  • eg. The new chair of the committee has a lot of great ideas.

CurrentCurrent - Common Homonym

A movement of water or air in a certain direction

  • eg. The current in this river is strong enough to carry us along.

Happening now; occurring at the present time

  • eg. She likes to read the newspaper to keep up with current events.

DropDrop - Common Homonym

A small amount of liquid with a rounded shape

  • eg. These plants only need a few drops of water each day.

To let something fall, often suddenly

  • eg. She cried after she dropped her ice cream on the floor.

ColumnColumn - Common Homonym

A long post that supports a building

  • eg. There are seven columns in the front row.

One of several vertical sections on a printed page

  • eg. There are four columns on the front page of this newspaper.

CoastCoast - Common Homonym

The land directly beside the sea or ocean

  • eg. She drove along the beautiful coast.

To move forward easily with little or no effort

  • eg. He was able to coast downhill on his bicycle.

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