Do You Really Have Two Brains?

Do you know human beings are the only species that have the most neurons in the brain than any other species? As the brain is divided into two hemispheres, the left side of the brain controls the right side of our body and the right side of our brain controls the left side of our body. We will be discussing this in a more elaborated manner in the very article.


The Two Hemispheres Of The Brain

The two hemispheres of our brain are not separated but are connected by what we call as the corpus callosum. A corpus callosum in manner is a high neuron superhighway. So, the connection of these fibres in our brain lets it (brain) work efficiently, thus not letting us realize that different hemispheres of our brain are responsible for unique activities.

Additionally, it has been discovered that the right side of our brain is the keeper of information of ‘when’ and ‘where’ while the left side has the authority of speech and language.

Splitting A Brain

Splitting a brain is a treatment that brain surgeons came up within the 1940s. When the brain is overdriven by something like a storm, a wall that is difficult to penetrate was found to be the sole solution of the problem thus preventing the condition of seizures.

Split brains

The people who have so-called split brains are as human as others but the catch here is that doctors noticed something unusual. The unusual moment was that people with ‘split brains’ found it difficult to choose the clothes they should wear and the food they should eat. This happened as if both the sides of the body are independent while working

The next example is that if the right side of a split brain is shown some kind of word, then the person will find it difficult to read the word out loud but will be perfectly alright in describing the word by drawing by left hand.

Confusion Between Motor Signals And Split Brain

When a person puts efforts in doing two separate drawings with both the hands at the same time, it confuses the motor signals. Unlike motor signals, a person with a split brain can perform the task in a more efficient manner.

Thus experiments have proved that the left and right side of the brain is capable of performing different functions with neither side of the brain playing the ‘domination’ role rather working as equal partners.

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