Floating Egg Experiment

What would happen if you drop an egg in water. It sinks but when you add salt in water, egg started floating. We can understand concept of density with this simple experiment.


What do we need:

  • One egg
  • Water
  • Salt
  • A tall drinking glass

Things to do:

  • Put some water in glass and fill it nearly half.
  • Now put the egg in the water and observe closely. You will see it sinking in the water. The egg touched the bottom of the glass.
  • Now put out the egg form the glass and add some salt to it. Try to add as much of salt as possible provided it get dissolved.
  • Now put the egg in the glass again. To our surprise, the egg do not sink this time. It floats.

Why it is so?

This is great experiment to understand the phenomenon of sinking and floating. When does a thing sink? When it is heavy from the liquid. Egg is heavy from the water that is why it sinks. But when we added salt in water, the water in glass got weight. It became heavy than the egg. And, now life of egg is saved. It does not sink!

Hope you enjoyed this experiment. There are more such experiments. Click here for more experiments.

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