Fuel: What If It Finishes?



  • Vehicles need petrol/diesel as a fuel because it speeds up the energy of the vehicles.
  • It same as human body needs food as an energy source to work.
  • Vehicles need fuel to work.
  • Green Vehicles doesn’t need fuel to work.
  • It runs without petrol/diesel.
  • We should keep it in mind that petrol and diesel are non- renewable resources.
  • It will not lasts with us forever.
  • We can switch off the engine if the car is at rest.
  • Ride bicycle or try to walk for shorter distances.

What Problems We Face From Noise Of Vehicles?

  • Too much noise of anything leads to nausea, headache, irritation etc..
  • One can get permanently deaf if he/she is always on a noisy place .

What Are The Various Minerals Which Are Mined From Deep Inside The Earth?

  • The process of taking out the minerals from rocks buried under the earth’s surface is called Mining.
  • Copper containing rocks looks blue in colour.
  • Gold, silver, zinc, nickel etc.. are mined from deep inside the earth.

Which State Of India Have Oil Fields?

Assam , Gujarat, Rajasthan and coastal area of Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra have Oil Fields.

What Are The Traffic Rules?

  • Learning Traffic Rules comes under basic etiquettes and every one should know about it.
  • There are three light signals .
  • The red colour light is on it means all the vehicles should stop.
  • The yellow colour light is on it means to wait and get ready to start.
  • The green colour light means that all the vehicles can now move.
  • All the vehicles should drive at a safe speed.
  • Rushing up due to an  emergency or due to fun can be dangerous both to the people who are inside the car and to the other people on the road.
  • We should avoid overtaking other cars.
  • Always Keep your eyes on the road .
  • Don’t use your phone while driving the car.

Solar Energy:

  • Solar Energy is the energy from the sun which is used in various purposes using technologies.
  • This energy from the sun is converted into electrical energy.

There are various benefits that we get from solar energy:-

  • Using Solar energy reduces the electricity bills.
  • If we use solar energy then there will be low maintenance cost.
  • The most important benefit is that it is a renewable resource and we didn’t need to worry about it’s high consumption.
  • There is a lot of technology development due to the solar energy.
  • We can use Solar Energy in the making of our buildings.

There are a few disadvantages of Solar Energy:-

  •  Buying a Solar system costs high and cannot be afforded by poor people.
  • Solar systems are also weather- dependent. It works on rainy days also but the efficiency gets lower during these days.
  • It needs a lot of space to get stored.

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