Homophones Worksheets for Grade 1

Children need to recognize homophones because understanding them helps the kids to grasp the meaning of words and lines that have statements with more than one meaning. The kids need to understand the concept early in their lives. Homophones are those obscure little words that have identical pronunciations but very different from each other in terms of meanings and regularly with different spellings. While there are actually hundreds of homophones in English grammar, we have got some of them below.

In this edition, we have brought “Homophones Worksheets for Grade 1 Children” to help them understand the meaning of Homophones with quite a few examples and questions.

Homophones Practice Worksheets

The first sheet asks the kids to circle the correct spelling for each image given in the blocks. For example- Sea is correct out of the two options. Children will have to look at the image and then apply their abilities to answer the question. Once they have grasped the significance of learning homophones, they’ll be better at this part.

WORKSHEET 1 Homophones Worksheets for Grade 1

The second sheet is the same as the first one. These worksheets try to bring modification to the understanding levels of the child. We have included an additional question in the end, which asks the kid to name three extra Homophones. These types of exercises will only make him get better at the English language.

WORKSHEET 2 Homophones Worksheets for Grade 1

You can take help from the above worksheets that have the same concept! Homophones are without a doubt the purpose why even adults misspell words regularly. I would personally say that too, but we gotta work on our mistakes. And make sure the kids don’t make the same mistakes.

WORKSHEET 3 Homophones Worksheets for Grade 1

The parents might notice that there is some extension or overlay between the two terms. For example, WHOLE and HOLE can be categorized as Homophones because of their similar pronunciation. And then there is appended chaos because many people write different words when they are talking about something else.

WORKSHEET 4 Homophones Worksheets for Grade 1

If your kid is struggling with words, and not able to concentrate on homophone sets then he is definitely confused. Attempting to grab a concept like a homophone isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But a simple plan can counter the confusion. Keep explaining the difference between the words to the kid until he understands every bit of it.

WORKSHEET 5 Homophones Worksheets for Grade 1

Let your child fully understand the correct grammar and the concept of these words. For example-  Cellar and Sellar are different words with different meanings. By doing so, the kid can considerably reduce the complexity and set himself up for achievement with homophones.

WORKSHEET 6 Homophones Worksheets for Grade 1

By the time this session is over, your child will be much more intimate with the application and grammar of various new words. You cannot go into this concept with a great amount of detail to explain every homophone, but even laying the word in a significant manner has a deep impact.

WORKSHEET 7 Homophones Worksheets for Grade 1

The wrong use of homophones would make the entire process a failure. You would intend to teach your child one thing, but he’ll understand something else. So, be very careful with such sessions. Don’t let such hurdles come into the path of your child.

WORKSHEET 8 Homophones Worksheets for Grade 1

The more your kid practices these worksheets with generally mixed homophones, the more is the chance that his brain will work faster in the future. These worksheets will also help the kid work on his vocabulary and you can even explain the figure of speech involved in certain questions.

WORKSHEET 9 Homophones Worksheets for Grade 1

This is the last worksheet, and the kid will get used to it now. You can create your own flashcards with a homophone set on each side of the card which will be a great way to make the child learn. Homophones are an essential part of learning and conjecturing them will set the right foundation for the kid.

WORKSHEET 10 Homophones Worksheets for Grade 1

Therefore, homophone refers to the names or words with the same sound and we use it to represent two different words with the same sound but different purposes. So, download these free Printable Worksheets now!

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