This article has some very commonly used homophone words! Well, if you don’t know what homophones are, let me describe you. Homophones are words that have the same pronunciation of different spelled words! Amazing, right? Kids find it difficult to pronounce words that are kind of the same but when you categorize them as ‘they have the same pronunciation’, they might grasp them easily! So, we brought you some easy and commonly used homophones for the kiddos to learn easily and even when they are looking for some fun activity! Trust me, they will love to read from these designer flashcards and will have a fun learning study time! They are free so you can print them out as well!


Same Pronunciation Words With Their Meanings

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Weak VS WeekWeak VS Week - Homophones

Weak – the opposite of strong

eg: I’ve had the flu for a few days now and feel really weak.

Week – 7 days

eg: We will be gone for one week.

Wear VS WhereWear VS Where - Homophones

Wear – to have clothes or accessories on your body

eg: I need to wear glasses to read.

Where – asking for a location

eg: Excuse me, can you please tell me where the nearest ATM is?

Way VS WeighWay VS Weigh - Homophones

Way – a path

eg: Going up Franklin Street is the quickest way to the bus station.

Weigh – to find out how heavy something is with a scale

eg: I’m on a diet and I weigh myself once a week to see how much I’ve lost.

Toe VS TowToe VS Tow - Homophones

Toe – a digit on your foot

eg: Hey! You’re stepping on my toes!

Tow – to pull something using a car, truck, or boat

eg: When we go camping, we tow a little trailer with us.

Sunday VS SundaeSunday VS Sundae - Homophones

Sunday – the last day of the week

eg: I don’t work on Sunday.

Sundae – a fancy ice cream

eg: I’m making a sundae with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and walnuts.

Sole VS SoulSole VS Soul - Homophones

Sole – the only one

eg: Karen was the sole survivor of the plane crash.

Soul – the spiritual part of a person which continues to live after death

eg: Do you believe everyone has a soul?

Some VS SumSome VS Sum - Homophones

Some – a small quantity

eg: I need some time to myself.

Sum – an amount of money

eg: I was paid a sum of $3,000 for freelance work.

Stair VS StareStair VS Stare - Homophones

Stair – a step that gets you to the next floor

eg: There are a total of 48 stairs in my house.

Stare – to look in one direction for a long period

eg: When I take the bus, I just stare out the window at everything passing by.

Stationary VS StationeryStationary VS Stationery - Homophones

Stationary – not moving or changing

eg: A helicopter is unique as it can remain stationary in the air.

Stationery – office supplies

eg: Our stationery supplier always gives us discounts on pens and paper.

Steal VS SteelSteal VS Steel - Homophones

Steal – to take something without permission

eg: I did not steal the $6 you had on your desk.

Steel – a very strong metal

eg: The Empire State Building is made of steel.

Sight VS SiteSight VS Site - Homophones

Sight – the ability to see

eg: I think sight is the most important sense.

Site – the location of a particular activity

eg: This construction site has been fenced off to prevent people from entering.

Sea VS SeeSea VS See - Homophones

Sea – large bodies of water such as the Mediterranean

eg: Our hotel room overlooks the sea.

See – to use your eyes

eg: I can’t see without glasses.

In VS InnIn VS Inn - Homophones

In – a preposition (inside)

eg: I never carry cash in my wallet.

Inn – a small hotel

eg: After five hours of driving, we finally stopped at an inn for the night.

Knight VS NightKnight VS Night - Homophones

Knight – a medieval soldier

eg: My son loves to pretend he is a knight and his sister is a princess.

Night – the opposite of ‘day’

eg: I couldn’t sleep all night.

Mail VS MaleMail VS Male - Homophones

Mail – letters you receive

eg: There’s some mail on your desk. I think it’s mainly bills.

Male – the opposite of ‘female’

eg: Scientists confirm that the mummy found is a male.

Morning VS MourningMorning VS Mourning - Homophones

Morning – the time from sunrise to noon i.e. 12:00 PM

eg: I always wake up at 5 AM in the morning so I can get to the gym.

Mourning – the period of great sadness when someone dies

eg: Queen Victoria was in mourning for over 30 years when her husband Prince Albert died.

Pair VS PearPair VS Pear - Homophones

Pair – two things/people who belong together

eg: I can’t find a pair of socks anywhere!

Pear – a sweet green fruit

eg: My parents have a pear tree in their yard.

Peace VS PiecePeace VS Piece - Homophones

Peace – no violence or tension

eg: We need peace, Not war.

Piece – one part of something

eg: I’m missing one of these puzzle pieces.

Plain VS PlanePlain VS Plane - Homophones

Plain – simple, nothing extravagant

eg: I like my toast plain with nothing but butter on it.

Plane – a type of flying transportation

eg: Our plane journey is over 15 hours.

Pray VS PreyPray VS Prey - Homophones

Pray – to speak to God

eg: Every night before bed, I pray.

Prey – an animal hunted by predators

eg: Chickens are such easy prey. They have no real defense system.

Real VS ReelReal VS Reel - Homophones

Real – not fake

eg: Those diamonds are not real. They are definitely fake.

Reel – an object you use to keep strings, rope, or film on

eg: I’ve attached a new reel to my fishing pole.

Right VS WriteRight VS Write - Homophones

Right – correct

eg: Yes, you are right. The past participle of ‘eat’ is ‘eater’

Write – to use letters to form words

eg: I know it’s old-fashioned, but I still like to write letters to friends.

Sail VS SaleSail VS Sale - Homophones

Sail – to travel by boat with the wind

eg: It’s my dream to one day sail around the world.

Sale – a period of discounts

eg: I can always get some great deals during the January sales.

Seam VS SeemSeam VS Seem - Homophones

Seam – the line where two pieces of cloth are sewn together

eg: The seam in my favorite pair of jeans has split.

Seem – the feeling that something is a certain way

eg: Harry seems happier now that he is married to Sia.

Hole VS WholeHole VS Whole - Homophones

Hole – a space in the middle of something

eg: Oh man, there’s a hole in my sock.

Whole – everything of something (100%)

eg: I can’t believe I ate the whole pizza.

For VS FourFor VS Four - Homophones

For – preposition

eg: The letter is for Anne.

Four – the number after three

eg: Could we have the cheesecake with four spoons, please?

Flour VS FlowerFlour VS Flower - Homophones

Flour – a powder made from wheat (or other grains)

eg: This brand recipe calls for 5 cups of flour.

Flower – the pretty part of a plant

eg: My husband bought me a nice bouquet of flowers for our anniversary.

Fir VS FurFir VS Fur - Homophones

Fir – a type of evergreen tree

eg: Our ski slope was dotted with fir trees.

Fur – the soft hair of certain animals

eg: My cat’s fur is so soft.

Fair VS FareFair VS Fare - Homophones

Fair – equal

eg: That’s not fair! Raj got more cake than I got.

Fare – the money you pay to use public transportation

eg: The fare is $30, please.

Cereal VS SerialCereal VS Serial - Homophones

Cereal – food made from grains usually eaten for breakfast

eg: I prefer cereal with yogurt to milk.

Serial – a crime that is repeated again and again

eg: This book I’m reading is about a serial killer who lives in Tampa.

Dear VS DeerDear VS Deer - Homophones

Dear – a term to address affection

eg: Dear Mr. Baker, ….

Deer – a plant-eating animal with four legs

eg: My grandparents used to hunt deer for food.

Cent VS ScentCent VS Scent - Homophones

Cent – 1/100th of a dollar/ euro

eg: Can you believe it? This notebook only cost 20 cents!

Scent – an aroma

eg: I love the scent of vanilla.

Cell VS SellCell VS Sell - Homophones

Be VS BeeBe VS Bee - Homophones

Be – the most common verb in English

eg: Don’t worry. Be happy.

Bee – An insect that pollinates flowers

eg: Bees make honey.

Bare VS BearBare VS Bear - Homophones

Bare – without anything

eg: I love walking on the beach with bare feet.

Bear – a large animal with thick fur

eg: Bears are one of my favorite animals.

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