The Deer And His Antlers – Free Story Book Download

The Deer And His Antlers

This is an impactful story about a young deer and his antlers. It touches on the importance of self-confidence and believing in yourself, no matter what life throws your way. It is a great story to share with children of all ages to encourage them to be strong and have faith in themselves. Hope you will like it. You can download this storybook (PDF) with the link given in the end of the story.

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Impactful Story For Kids – The Deer And His Antlers

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Front Page Of Book Cover

The Deer And His Antlers

The Deer And His Antlers-2

Once upon a time, there was a proud swamp deer who loved his magnificent antlers.

The Deer And His Antlers-3

They were big and twisted like tree branches.

The Deer And His Antlers

They were the crown of the deer’s head.

The Deer And His Antlers-5

Whenever he saw his reflection in the stream, he admired his antlers.

The Deer And His Antlers-6

But one day, he noticed his small and plain hooves. 

The Deer And His Antlers-7

Compared to his grand antlers, they looked ugly and insignificant.

The Deer And His Antlers-8

The deer felt ashamed and thought, “These ugly hooves are a disgrace! I wish these hooves were as beautiful as my antlers.”

The Deer And His Antlers-9

A few days later, while the deer was roaming in the forest, a lion started chasing him.

The Deer And His Antlers-10

The deer ran as fast as he could, but his antlers got stuck in a tree branch.

The Deer And His Antlers-11

The lion was getting closer and closer!

The Deer And His Antlers-12

In a moment of desperation, the deer stomped his foot on the ground and pulled with all his strength.

The Deer And His Antlers-13

Finally, his antlers were free from the branches.

The Deer And His Antlers-14

He quickly ran deep into the woods, far from the lion’s reach.

The Deer And His Antlers-15

When he reached a safe place, the deer realized how foolish he had been.

The Deer And His Antlers-16

He underestimated the power of his sturdy hooves, which saved his life. He understood that the antlers were just for decoration, but his hooves were his true strength.


The Deer And His Antlers

Do not judge by appearance, But judge fairly and righteously.

MCQ’s based on the story

1.  What animal is the main character of the story?

a) Cheetah
b) Owl
c) Deer
d) Lion


2. What was the crown of the deer’s head?

a) Ears
b) Mouth
c) Horns
d) Antlers


3. What is the moral of the story?

a) deer was foolish
b) lion are bad animal
c) deer love his antlers
d) do not judge by appearance, but judge fairly and righteously


4. How did the deer manage to escape from the lion?

a) He flew away using his wings.
b) He called for help from other animals.
c) He stomped his foot on the ground and pulled with all his strength.
d) He hid behind a large rock until the lion gave up.


5. What did the deer love the most about himself?

a) His magnificent antlers
b) His small and plain hooves
c) His reflection in the stream
d) His speed while running



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