Skip Counting by 2’s Flashcards

Mathematics is the science of numbers. It is one of the most important subjects that students need to excel at if they want to secure a good future. While it gets more complex as we move forward, we start with learning basic things like numbers, counting, operations such as addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, and so on. One such thing to learn to be good with numbers is skip counting. We learn skip counting once we are familiar with the number system and know how to count. It helps one understand the concept of addition, multiplication and also allows them to see a pattern in numbers which is helpful when it comes to learning permutations and combinations.

With that said, this week we bring to you these colorful flashcards to help you teach your kids the same. These flashcards are effective as these appeal to their curious nature.  This allows them to learn more with the help of attractive images that we present them with.

What is skip counting?

In general terms, skip counting can be defined as the method of counting forward by numbers other than 1. The following flashcards are aimed at teaching students to skip count by 2.

Skip Counting by 2’s Flashcards

Download the flashcards and cut these out individually to get started. Ask the students to look at the flashcards and memorize the numbers in sequence. You can also make this into a fun game where they can organize the flashcards in order within a limited time.

Skip Counting by 2's Flashcards

Perceptive kids can notice that if we skip count numbers by 2 we get the multiplication table of 2. It is such patterns that students learn to see by means of skip counting. It helps them see patterns and lays a foundation for number sense.

Skip Counting by 2's FlashcardsYoung kids are fast learners. They need to be taught in an easy, and fun manner or else even the best of the students would fail to understand what is being taught. While teaching skip counting you can use calculators too. This would help kids be fast and learn more in less time.

Download the flashcards and get started now. If you need more flashcards, worksheets, coloring books, to teach your kids worry not! With our daily uploads of loads of worksheets, flashcards, coloring books, and more based on mathematics, science, general knowledge, and others, we have got you covered. Just visit our website, browse for the content you need, download, and print.

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