Double Digit Multiplication Practice Worksheets for Kids

Learning multiplication is an important aspect of every child’s learning journey. Children must have a good grasp of this concept because they will have to apply their knowledge to long multiplication as well as other new mathematical problems in the future. Multiplication is a big chunk of the curriculum, with both direct sums as well as descriptive problem sums.

Multiplication of double-digit numbers is tricky and more challenging than single-digit number multiplication. The approach is the same as that for single-digit number multiplication – start by multiplying with the digit in the ones place and then carry out the second round of multiplication using the digit in the tens place. Once the basic formula is clear, double-digit multiplication will be a piece of cake!

So, let’s have a look at some worksheets that will help your child hone their multiplication skills.

Double Digit Multiplication Practice Worksheets


This is the first worksheet of the lot. Set a fixed number of worksheets for your child every day to help them practice and improve their multiplication skills.

In order to solve double-digit multiplication problems, one must already be familiar with the multiplication tables from 1 to 12. This will not only make it easier to solve the problems but help young learners calculate after as well.


Solving these problems is tedious and time-consuming. If your child gets stuck on one problem, ask them to simply move on to the next one and come back to it later. This trick will help them stay positive and motivated during their task.


Children always want to finish studying as quickly as possible and as a result, are prone to making mistakes. Make sure your child is focused on the task at hand.


Multiplication of large numbers may feel intimidating at first and your child is likely to make a lot of mistakes. But with regular practise with these worksheets, they will surely improve and become more comfortable with solving problems with even bigger numbers.


Once, children become slightly used to the new problems, set a time limit for solving each sum or set of sums. This will help children get used to solving problems quickly under time pressure.


Every child is unique and learns at their own pace. It is important to positively motivate children to do their work but at the same not make them feel pressurized until they have enough confidence in themselves.


Solving worksheets daily will allow children to make mistakes and learn and slowly but surely become better. Patience is key in this process, both for the student as well as the teacher.


Children should have the multiplication table memorized before they move on to solving double-digit number multiplication. Without it, the entire task will become monumentally more difficult for them and eventually create an aversion towards the topic. Worksheets are a great way to learn as it not only allows children to learn in a new way but also helps keep track of their productivity. A single sheet of paper is far less intimidating for children to approach and it sets them in a positive mindset before they begin learning. So, what are you waiting for?

Download, print and get started today!

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