Snake Animal Facts for Kids

Snakes are reptilians that are locates largely in tropical regions of the globe. The places where there is no sight of any single snakes are Iceland, Greenland, New Zealand, Ireland, and Antarctica. They are cold-blooded reptilians that hang on the warmth from the sun and their environment to handle the blood heat. of their bodies.



Snakes are reptilians that have lengthy, movable bodies with no arms or legs. They exist in a various of bodily shapes and measurements. Those snakes that resides in waterbodies inclined to be long and plane, while tree-residence snakes are lengthy and slim, with a tail that they can make use of to tie around hands of tress. Snakes that tunnel into the earth apt to be small and denser. All snakes have unflinching, lidless eyes, that are each safeguarded by a see-through scale. Snakes are hearing-impaired to flying sounds.


Snakes come in a various of hues, patterns and textures. Poisonous snakes be inclined to be glowingly hued, as bright hues act as a caution to bloodsucker that they should evade.

There are some non-poisonous snakes that are also glowingly colored, and this is so hunter will be fooled into believe that they are poisonous, and will leave them isolated. Many snakes have same colouring to their surroundings, as a means of camouflage, which helps them to stay secretive from both predators and prey.


Snakes only feed when they are starving. It means that a snake will feed once a month or once a week. If a snake does not show any movement and does consume much energy, like some that are hold in in zoos, they may only consume a few of times a year. One kind of Fer-de-lance, a lethal rattlesnake, has been written down feeding victim 1.6 times its own body mass.

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