Story of Four Students and The Lion

Four Brahmin students lived in a small town. They were also very good friends of each other. Three of them were very intelligent in studies and were considered very smart. The fourth student was not very fast in studies but he had enough understanding of worldliness.
One day a student said, “If we go to the courts of kings, we can earn a lot of name and money because of our intelligence.”

All the students immediately agreed. They set out on a journey.

On the way they found lion skin and bones lying.

The first student excitedly said, “We must test our knowledge. Let’s resurrect this lion! I can arrange its skeleton properly.”

“I can fill the skeleton with flesh and blood,” the other student also boasted.

“I can revive his body again. It will become a living animal again.” The third student spoke.

The fourth student did not say anything and kept listening to all three.

Then he shook his head and said, “Okay, do what you guys like. But first let me climb a tree. You guys are very smart. I have full faith in your knowledge and wisdom. You will surely bring the lion to life and soon this dead lion will come alive and start roaring.

Although I do not believe that you will be able to change the nature of this lion as well. A lion can never eat grass, just as a lamb can never eat meat.” .
His companions laughed hearing him. “You’re a coward. You are afraid of losing your life. Have some Shame! You have confidence in our knowledge but you do not know that the animal we will bring to life will act completely according to ours. Why would the animal to whom we give life, even attack us? Well, if you want, hide and watch our wonders!”.

The fourth student ran and climbed a tree. All his friends laughed at him again. When the third student put his life in the body of the lion, the lion roared and got up. As soon as he got up, he pounced on the three students and killed them and ate them. The fourth student thanked God for giving him such an understanding of worldliness that he did not interfere in the work of God and his creatures.

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