The Blue King of the Jungle – Free Story Book Download

The Blue King of the Jungle - Free Story Book Download

This is the honest full story about the fox and the animal. The Blue King of the Jungle is a very impressive and well-loved story for the kindergarten and teaches about the importance of honesty in every kid. Also teaches that people do not need to hide their identity .Hope you will like it. You can download this storybook (PDF) with the link given at the end of the story.

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Honest Full Story For Kids – The Blue King of the Jungle

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The Blue King of the Jungle story

The Fox went out for hunting

Once upon a time, a fox went out hunting in a nearby village.

Fox was Searching the animal For Catch & Eat

He was searching for animals to catch and eat.

Children throw stone on the fox

But some children from the village spotted him and began throwing stones at him.

Fox found the shelter

Frightened, the fox quickly ran away and found shelter in a workshop belonging to a washerman.

children looking the fox

However, there was a search party looking for him.

fox see the bucket

He noticed a big bucket filled with blue dye in the corner.

Fox jumped the bucket

Without hesitation, he quietly jumped into the bucket, hoping to hide.

children come to find the fox

The search party came to the workshop, but they couldn’t find the fox.

children think fox was escaped

They eventually left, thinking he had escaped.

the fox come out the bucket

Once they were gone, the fox came out of the bucket.

Fox covered with blue dye

To his surprise, he was covered in blue dye from his nose to the tip of his tail.

fox came wicked idea

He saw his reflection in the nearby water and a wicked idea came to his mind.

fox come to the jungle

With his new appearance, he headed straight to the jungle.

Animal Was terrified from blue fox

When the other animals in the jungle saw the blue fox, they were terrified and ran away from him.

Fox think the animal were fool

The fox smirked in his thoughts, thinking the animals were fools.

fox Impress the animals

With a humble yet confident voice, he spoke to the animals, “Don’t be afraid, my fellow jungle inhabitants! I am your savior, your king!

Fox want to king of the jungle

God has sent me to protect you from all your enemies. If you accept me as your king, you will be saved from all hardships.”

 Animals Welcome the fox

Impressed by his words, the animals welcomed him as their king.

The fox was enjoyed as a king of the jungle

The fox enjoyed his time as the king of the jungle, with all the animals serving him.

Animal was learn truth about fox

But one day, as the fox was leading his court with the other animals, he heard his fox friends in the distance let out loud howls.

Fox was Sound


The animal identity true the fox

Excited by this, the fox couldn’t resist joining in and howled as well. “AaOhh!” Unfortunately, this revealed his true identity.

The animal learn it is not savior

The other animals realized that he was just a cunning fox painted in blue and not an extraordinary creature.

 All Animal attacked on the fox

They all attacked him and beat him up thoroughly.

fox promised yourself

After this incident, the fox promised never to behave like that again. He learned his lesson and understood the importance of being honest and true to oneself.

Moral Of The Story

Nobody cannot hide their identity for a long time

people cannot hide their true selves for a long time.

MCQs based on the Story

1. Who was the king of the jungle?

a) Fox
b) Tiger
c) Elephant
d) Monkey


2. What color was the king of the jungle?

a) Green
b) Blue
c) Red
d) Yellow


3. Why were the other animals terrified of the king of the jungle?

a) Because he couldn’t roar
b) Because he was too small
c) Because they saw the blue fox
d) Because he couldn’t run fast


4. What did the king of the jungle become known as?

a) The Blue King of the Jungle
b) The Fastest King of the Jungle
c) The Laughing Stock of the Jungle
d) The Roaring Lion of the Jungle


5. What did the king of the jungle learn from his experience?

a) To be honest and true to oneself
b) To be friends with other animals
c) To be the fastest runner
d) To catch more prey


6. How did the other animals feel when they saw the king of the jungle’s confidence?

a) Jealous
b) Worried
c) Happy
d) Angry


7. What lesson can you learn from the story?

a) People cannot hide their true selves for a long time.
b) Changing your color is easy.
c) Blue is the best color in the jungle.
d) Other animals will always laugh at you.


8. What is the title of the story?

a) The Green King of the Jungle
b) The Blue King of the Jungle
c) The Red King of the Jungle
d) The Yellow King of the Jungle


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