What is a tusk?

Kids do you know that we humans have two of two sets of teeth. The first set arrives in our early childhood stage which eventually gets replaced with permanent teeth. Have you ever thought about how we would look, if our teeth kept growing, like the limbs of our body?

Well, there are few mammals whose teeth can grow through their whole life span. The most famous example and the one animal seen by all of us is the elephant. Have you noticed the two white cone-like structures around their mouth, which are the teeth of an elephant, that has the ability to grow throughout their lifespan?


What is a tusk?

  • Well, tusks are nothing but the front teeth of elephants which have certain unique features.
  • These teeth can be seen growing out of the mouth as well.
  • Typically, a tusk has a smooth and curved surface.
  • The presence of tusks in different animals serves different uses.
  • It can be used in defence against attack, or can also be used for attack.
  • The presence of tusks sometimes can also be used to show dominance over other animals.
  • In elephants, tusks are used to help in digging and boring.
  • Walruses are known to use their tusk to grip on ice.
  • Tusk removed from animals are used by humans to make jewellery, artefacts, etc. However, these practices have long been banned are now illegal.
  • Examples of known animals with tusks are Pig, Hippo, Walrus, Elephant.
  • Tusk’s teeth are mostly Canine in almost all tusk animals.
  • However, the tusk teeth of elephants are Incisors.

Fun Facts:

  1. Male animals are known to have larger tusks as compared to female animals. This is to show dominancy over another group.
  2. Walruses have two tusks on them which can grow up to one meter long and can weigh about five kg.
  3. Elephant’s tusk starts to grow when they are two years old and then keep growing all along their life span.

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True or False:

  1. Human beings only have one set of teeth during their lifetime.
  2. Human teeth can grow throughout their lifetime.
  3. Tusk are the teeth that can throughout the lifespan of an elephant.
  4. Elephants do not have any tusks.
  5. Walrus have five tusks.

Objective Quiz:

  1. Human beings have _____ sets of teeth in their lifetime.
    1. Five.
    2. Four.
    3. Three.
    4. Two.
  2. ______ are the teeth that can grow life long.
    1. Tusk.
    2. Permanent teeth.
    3. Incisor.
    4. Canine.
  3. Elephants have _______ teeth as their tusk.
    1. Incisor.
    2. Pre-molar.
    3. Molar.
    4. Canine.
  4. ________ are the animals with tusk.
    1. Elephant.
    2. Walrus.
    3. Pig.
    4. All of the above.
  5. Walrus use their tusk to _______.
    1. Walk.
    2. Sleep.
    3. Grip on ice.
    4. Grip on water.

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