Why do some animals have stripes?

Why do some animals have stripes

The text is focused on exploring why some animals possess stripes, not on their diet, speed, or specific habitats.



1. What might be a reason for animals to have stripes according to the text?

A) To make them run faster
B) To help them hide
C) To attract mates
D) To make them stronger

2. Do stripes serve the same purpose for all animals?

A) Yes, all animals use stripes for camouflage
B) No, stripes can serve different purposes
C) Yes, stripes are purely decorative
D) No, stripes make animals slower

3. Can the text offer specific examples of animals with stripes?

A) Yes, it lists every striped animal
B) No, it mentions no specific animals
C) Yes, but only marine animals
D) Yes, but only mammals

4. Is the text focused on the evolutionary aspect of stripes?

A) Yes, it explains the genetic mutations for stripes
B) No, it focuses on the aesthetic aspect
C) Yes, it discusses the evolutionary advantages
D) No, it is about the care of striped animals


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