5 Good Habits for Kids to Follow on Birthday

Most of the parents want their kids to really grow tall and healthy and that’s why they overlook their kid’s mental health. We are going to discuss basically the same. Top 5productive habits that kids can grow easily on their birthday eve. Values are essential for a better life, one must understand that along with money and health we need mental wealth and satisfaction too. And for kids, its significant.


Good Habits to Follow on Birthday

1. Planting Trees

Teach your kids to plant at least one tree (little plant) on their birthday. It is a healthy habit and environment friendly. Birthday comes once in a year and its a precious day too. Every kid should understand the importance of the environment and they should also know why they are required to plant more and more trees. Plant trees that are fast to grow so that kids can see them growing right in front of their eyes this gives them immense joy and satisfaction.

Plants that kids can grow really fast are- spinach, cherry tomatoes, snap peas, marigolds, basil, sunflowers, pumpkins, carrots, lavender, lettuce, cucumber, green beans, radishes, and potatoes, etc. Plant as per your like, your kids can grow 10 plants, 20plants even they can start with 1plant. But every human being must grow plants and trees even if they are not fond of it, serve it as a little gift to our mother Earth.

2. Charity/Donation work

Yes, charity but we are not talking only about money here. Though, kids can save a part of their pocket money and can donate that say 5% to those who actually need it. Besides kids should practice charity on their birthday. It’s the best day for that. Why kids should charity? because it teaches them empathy. This act of giving to others who are less fortunate actually helps kids to realize that the things they have are not for granted, many people crave for what they have. Besides, they will also feel great. This teaches our kids that we all are living in a society and we all are family we should try to help each other. KIds can charity their old books, their old clothes, their old toys but all in the right condition. Even they can help with some good delicious fresh food too. They can donate in charitable trusts or in an orphanage to those who actually need it.

3. Visiting the place of worship

There always should be faith, faith in GOD that he is with us. This feeling never lets us do any wrong thing and we love our life more and more. Even you can visit the place of worship. We start believing that every one of us that is living is God and we all are the product of God.

This way your kid will develop a feeling of positivity in his/her life. The social, moral, communication skills and behaviors will also improve. A kid must visit the place of worship on his birthday.

4. Gifting a book

When it comes to gifting a book, it doesn’t always mean books like an encyclopedia, scientific books, geography, or facts related books to sharpen the mind. Academic books do the same thing. What’s the difference? Gift your kids those books which they genuinely want even if its a comic (decent comic) sometimes agreeing with your kids after a long time is good for them (especially on their birthday), respect for you will rise in their heart and they will also gradually consider what you want from them.

You can also gift them moral books, moral books with simple English and delicate stories develop character building. It is important for kids to know about moral values and books help a lot. Besides, kids love to have a book full of pictures, their imagination level strengthens. Don’t gift them books that come with only letters and words only alphabets with no picture. Pictures are their favorites.

5. Forming a new habit/skill development

Talk with your kid and understand what are the things that he/she really sees passionately. What are the possibilities and opportunities that your kid would love to explore? What are the potentials and guide them in the same direction. Like if your kid loves to play the guitar, or want to be a footballer, or want to learn a new language then start working on it. You can tell him to start practicing his guitar from his birthday. And if you or he/she himself wants to learn a new language then tell him to start learning it through an app or get him/her any book.

Your kid may love reading a book, skating, climbing, writing, painting, creating crafts, swimming, singing, dancing, maths, etc.  Make sure whichever habit you want them to develop is healthy and futuristic.

There are many more things that you can teach your kids like not littering, holding open heavy doors for a parent pushing a baby stroller or someone carrying heavy bags, you can tell them to have a helping attitude, etc. This birthday doesn’t just throw a lavish party for them, direct them to these productive habits too. These habits are healthy and they stay for long.

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