Heat meaning and functions

Heat is a motion of warm which can be dangerous but useful at the same time. Heating is the process in which something is kept on a high pressure to boil or cook something. Heat is also an energy form which is also used in industries like cement industries,mills,brickyard and many more.

Important Terms

1. Clinical Thermometer

A clinical thermometer is a device used to check an measure the body temperature of a human being. It is used by doctors to check whether their patient is fine or is having fever or not. It can be used by an educated person in homes also. It can be used for domestic purpose as well as commercial purpose. Domestic in homes and commercial in hospitals.

2. Conduction

It is the process in which an object is heated to get into the form of coal. Conduction is done b special experts and cant be performed by any layman as it can be dangerous and may lead to destruction. Example,Ironing of clothes,an ice cube placed on human hand it also leads to conduction as human body is hot,a young boy comes back home from playing on a snowy day and goes to his mother it will lead to give him warm which is somehow conduction.

3. Conductor

A conductor is an object which lets electricity pass through it. A conductor is said to be a good path as it allows electricity pass through which lead to functioning of the circuit. Examples of conductor are metallic rods,metals,water etc.

4. Insulator

An insulator is said to be a poor path or an object which does not allow electricity pass it. Examples of insulator are wood,plastics,copper,cotton,jute etc. These objects can be used in an emergency situation if a person is suffering from any electric current or if there is a fire warning.

5. Convection

It is the transfer of heat in the form of molecules in the process of convection. Convection takes place at a high boiling point that is above 100 degree. Example of convection,boiling of tea,boiling water,thermal conduction from earth’s crust.

6. Land Breeze

Land Breeze is the opposite of sea breeze in which,land that is near to sea gets cool down. This process takes place at night in which the cool breeze of the sea goes to land to cool it down,as water gets cool down fast in comparison to land at night. It cools down the land which was hot due to sun in the daytime. This process is a recurring process which repeats night by night.

7. Sea Breeze

Sea Breeze is the opposite of the land breeze. Here,land sends its cool breeze to the sea so that it can stay cool in the day time. due to which land becomes warmer in the daytime and sea remain cool. This process is repetitive and goes on. It happens in the daytime.

8. Radiation

Radiation is a source of energy which is harmful for human organs like eyes,lungs,heart and brain. Radiation is generated from artificial intelligence devices like phones,laptops,tablets or any electronic items.

Types of clothes we can wear

  1. In summers,we should wear cotton clothes as they are light in size. we should wear light colors like white,blue yellow etc colors as they reflects the sun rays which does not absorbs the warm but reflects back and keeps our body cool.
  2. In winters,We should wear woolen clothes as we need to protect ourselves from the cool winds and low temperature. We can wear dark clothes as they absorbs more heat than of light clothes. It will help the body absorb heat in the daytime.
  3. In spring,We should wear simple clothe in which we are comfortable and which helps us connect with the nature. In this season the climate is neutral, the breeze is col long with less warm sunlight.
  4. In monsoon,We should prefer to wear raincoats and carry umbrellas for our own safety. We should avoid wear heavy or shiny clothes as it will be uncomfortable and tough to wear on.

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