Outdoor Party Games for Kids of All Ages

Many times we organize a party for kids but we don’t know how to keep them entertained. Well, there are a number of games that kids can play outside. Many generations have played this game before, these are active games. It will increase the flexibility of not only the brain but the body also. Besides kids will learn how to work together, team spirit, how to properly behave, and many things that are basic.


Outdoor Party Games for Kids

1. Treasure Hunt

The treasure hunt is a very interesting game where you can design a map and plot different things at different places in which kids through their mental ability and teamwork will find the objects hidden by you. Many movies are still based on a treasure hunt concept in which they find a map that was drawn before centuries and that treasure box is somewhere kept safely which one needs to find and in that treasure box there is abundant jewels or money.

The same is the structure but for kids make it a little productive and hide their toys or common things at different places. This game is really very adventures and tricky. Kids or adults we all love treasure hunt games.

2. Homemade Bubbles

You can create homemade bubbles and gives your kids to play with that in the backyards or garden. Bubbles are an evergreen amazing object which a person of any age enjoys even just by watching. These little things mesmerize us deeply and keep us entertained too. Through a bubble one can see an object in a different way. You can  make bubbles at home by watching this video -https://youtu.be/8mQXFPyGw4M

3. Musical Chairs

Musical chairs is an evergreen game which can never be excluded from our life. Wherever you are going if you have a big bunch of people then you can simply play musical chairs just arrange chairs and you are ready. Musical chairs is a fun game, it can be played with a lot of people and also suitable for a party. Arrange music players and chairs that’s all. It’s a perfect game for outdoors.

4. Cricket

Cricket is a famous sport and is seriously fantastic. Kids can play even if they are two in number there are no hard and fast rules for kids. It can easily be played just a ball and a bat is required you can have additional things too like wicket, pad, and helmet for protection. Many great players are there who inspire kids and because of that most of the kids also want to become great cricket players someday. That’s a too ambitious sport, definitely introduce this game as a party game. Every muscle of their body and brain will get trained too.

5. Hide & Seek

Hide & Seek is a popular game and we all are well acquainted with this game. Who really doesn’t know about this? Hide & Seek whether outdoors or indoors can be played easily but there has to set rules if kids are going to play this game outside. Your kids would love to play it because it is old but gold too. Hide and Seek is an intelligent game where kids put pressure on their minds where to hide themselves so that they can not be caught by anyone easily.

6. Jump Rope

Jump rope is a common game, especially it is an exercise that can be done in various ways. It is also helpful in increasing height. It isn’t like it is for girls or boys, its a really effective exercise and available for everyone. Let your kids have a sequence of a number of games so that they don’t get bored playing the same thing. Jump rope can be played by many people and also 2 -3 kids can play together this game.

7. Kite Flying

Kite Flying is not a game it is a passion, relaxation, and source of joy. It is not mandatory that everyone enjoys the same things but most people love kite flying and looking at the sky. Many types of kites are available in the market and practically you can make one at home too it’s not very tough. Kite flying is also considered as an art and during flying kites away in the sky one feels enormous joy and relaxation too. Kite flying is perfect if you want to maintain sustainable joy.

We have discussed 7 outdoor games that a group of kids can play easily even some can be played inside the home terrace. So, enjoy the party and have fun. Instead of introducing 1 game, you can introduce games in a group that you can play like a game for an hour and then shift to the other game. Tug of War, Hopcstock, etc games can also be played.

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