Polite Language In English with Examples

It’s important to correct your language to make it more polite. This will help you in the near future! This article has some easy-to-carry flashcards that will guide you to become more polite in your language and communication! You will be given 2 types of sentences, one which you speak most of the time which is quite rude even if you don’t mean to be, and the other is the corrected one which will tell you how to become more polite! In this way, you will be able to know where you are making a mistake and how it should be corrected! You can print them out to learn through them anytime and anywhere!

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Correct And Polite Language In English

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How To be Polite - 1

No: Can I say something?

Yes: Can I just say something here, please?

How To be Polite - 2

No: Can I borrow your pen?

Yes: Could I borrow your pen?

How To be Polite - 3

No: I want to eat a hamburger.

Yes: I’d like to eat a hamburger.

How To be Polite - 4

No: You’re wrong.

Yes: I think you might be mistaken.

How To be Polite - 5

No: Hey, where’s the bathroom?

Yes: Excuse me, could you tell me, where the bathroom is?

How To be Polite - 6

No: Who are you?

Yes: May/Could I ask/have your name?

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