Pronouns in English Grammar

Pronouns in English grammar-3

Pronouns are an essential part of English grammar. They are used to replace nouns in sentences, and can also be used to emphasize a point or to create a more varied and interesting sentence structure. This article will explain the different types of pronouns in English grammar, and how they are used.

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Pronouns In English Grammar

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Pronouns in English grammar-1


  • I am a girl.
  • I love to sing.
  • I am happy.
  • I have a Cat.


My mother gave it to me, Come and play with me.


My name is Tiny. This is my cat.


This orange cat is mine

Pronouns in English grammar-2



This is a boy The boy wears an orange T-shirt.


  • He is my friend.
  • He is kind.
  • He is a good boy.
  • He has a cat.


Joha’s father gave him a new shirt


  • His name is Johan.
  • His shirt is yellow.
  • His shoes are Purple.
  • That is his cat.

Pronouns in English grammar-3



  • she is my friend.
  • she is kind.
  • she is a good girl.
  • she has a cat.


This is a girl The girl wears a dress.


The cat is hers.


  • Her name is Jen.
  • Her dress is a school uniform.
  • Her shoes are black.
  • That is her cat.


pronounce in English grammar-1

We are cousins.

We always play together.

We love cats.

These are our cats.

Our cats are very cute.

The cats are ours.

The cats like us very much.

The cats play with us.

They make us happy.

pronounce in English grammar-2


I like your dress.

What is your name?

Is this cat yours?

The cat is yours.

You are a girl.

You love to sing.

You are happy.

I like you very much.

This is for you.


pronounce in English grammar-3


Their parents buy books for them.

Jim and Jen love them very much.


They are Jim and Jen They are siblings.

They like to read.

They have many books.


This is their book.

They like their book.

The Bluebook is there.

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