Short Poems For Kids

You will surely love these short and fun rhymes for the kids! Short rhymes are a great way to engage the kids in reading and learning, both at the same time!

Rhymes are just like songs and are fun to spend time with! The article has some eye-catching flashcards with unique short rhymes for the kids! You can also learn them for your rhyme recitation competition as they are unique and extraordinary! You will surely ace the competition with these rhymes! They are easy-to-pronounce as well as they don’t have any complex words in them! You can print out these flashcards to recite these poems anytime and anywhere!

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Short Rhymes For Kids

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An Egg For Bunny-Small Poems for Kids

An Egg For Bunny

Said little bunny “I want that egg

In the basket, which is at the back.”

“Can I have it please,

On my bread?”

“No, no, no”, the chicken said.

Balloons-Small Poems for Kids


Look! I went to get balloons.

One is red, one is blue.

I like the green too.

I can fly them above the tree.

They are all for me.

I Saw A Little Dog-Small Poems for Kids

I Saw A Little Dog

I saw a little dog near my house.

But he ran away when he watched.

Come here little dog,

I will give you a bone.

Don’t run away and be gone.

My Big Fish-Small Poems for Kids

My Big Fish

I caught a fish!

It is so big.

Did you see my big fish?

Let’s go home and eat it.

My Friend-Small Poems for Kids

My Friend

We are good friends.

We stay with each other,

Every time we can.

We like to play together.

He is my friend.

My New Car-Small Poems for Kids

My New Car

This is my new car.

Want to go for a ride?

I can take you anywhere,

Where you like.

Where do you want to go?

And we will hit the road.

Soccer-Small Poems for Kids


Let’s play soccer, out and fast.

But it’s so hot in the yard.

I love to play soccer, I won’t mind.

It is fun playing soccer every time.

The Lamb-Small Poems for Kids

The Lamb

Yes! I saw a lamb.

It is eating flowers.

Sho! Sho! Go away.

Do not eat flowers.

Flowers are to be grown.

Don’t eat them little lamb.

Watermelon-Small Poems for Kids


I love eating watermelon.

Can I have one?

It is so healthy,

Even so sweet.

Just be careful, do not eat seeds.

It is red and has black seeds.

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