Some Natural Phenomena


Definition of Natural phenomena

A natural phenomena is referred as the resources or the surrounding which occur naturally like air, water, sunlight, plants etc. It is the phenomena in which different organism or animals interact in order to live.

Natural means the resources which are build by nature and are recurring if not disturbed. It consists of bad factors which affects the nature indirectly or directly. Air pollution due to industries, cars engines, trains, smoking etc. Water pollution due to dumping of the waste in the nearby rivers. Noise pollution due to excessive honking and playing music loudly in the environment.

Types of Natural Phenomena

1. Lightning

There are two types of charges in the atmosphere negative or positive, it occurs when the charges present in the sky become equal to each other. It create a huge amount of interconnection above which leads to lightning down. The speed of lightning is faster than the speed of sound. When lightning touch down the earth’s surface it leads to fire. It is a natural occurring phenomena which depends upon the evaporation process and the environment below.

2. Earthquake

It refers to the moving or shaking of the tectonic plates before the earth’s surface. It moves if a man made intervention is made or due to a volcanic movement. It occurs naturally due to volcanic eruption or drilling deep. It affects the earth’s crust and gravitational force.

3. Tsunami

Tsunami generally take place to a region which nearby to a port. For example, Mumbai. The water level rises and waves becomes high due to the movement of the tectonic plates below the water body. The water rises and comes to the city which destroys and damages the city an breaks down homes of the people, drains fills up with water, roads are filled with road and due to which many people die. It affects the economy growth its infrastructure and the population.

4. Thunderstorm

It is a natural phenomena in which their is excessive rain and high winds in the environment. It affects the plants, animals humans and the environment as it damages them. It blocks the way to go from one place to another.

5. Tremor

A tremor is a miniature of earthquake. When their is little shaking of the tectonic plates of the earth. It does not affects or damages the environment. It can take place anywhere because of slight movement above due to constructing of a building, drilling etc.

Safety measures in case of Lightning

If you are at home –

  1. Stay at home and avoid going outside.
  2. Electronic items like refrigerator, computer, chimney and ovens plugs should be taken off as lightning may catch fire from cables outside.

If you are outside –

  1. If you are outside take a shad under a building and not under a tree as lightning may pass through tree and catch fire.
  2. Avoid weary shiny clothes and wear cotton clothes, as shiny clothes may attract lightning.
  3. Stand away from electrical poles and don’t use any electronic items.

In both the cases cover your ears as the sound of lightning may affect.

Safety measures during a thunderstorm

  1. Stay away from water resources.
  2. Avoid using electronic devices with chords.
  3. Avoid standing near to concrete walls and metal.
  4. Stay at a higher level of any building.

Earthquake prevention

  1. Stand near to the corners of the walls.
  2. Go outside in open.
  3. Stay away from large tress as it may fall.

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