The Dog in a Foreign City – Free Story Book Download

The Dog in a Foreign City - Free Story Book Download

This is the moral story about the dog and the foreign city. The story teaches every kindergarten that home is the best place for anything you like it or not your home but it is a safe and secure place.Hope you will like it. You can download this storybook (PDF) with the link given in the end of the story.

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Moral Story For Kindergarten – The Dog in a Foreign City

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The Dog in a Foriegn City story

there was a famine in the city

Once upon a time, there was a famine in a city. No food left for anyone!

a dog searching for food

A thin and hungry dog stood on the streets near empty dustbins hopelessly searching for food.

dog is very hungry but dustbins were empty

He would take anything just to fill his empty stomach. But even the dustbins were empty.

dog needs food

The dog thought to himself, “I can’t bear this hunger anymore! I need food.

dog's friends won't leave this place

My friends won’t leave this place

Dog is thinking about his home

They consider it their ‘home.’

dog can't live without food

But how can I live without enough food? That’s it! Today, I will leave this place!”

dog is going nearby city

With that decision, the dog embarked on a journey to a nearby city, all by himself.

Starving dog reached the city

When he reached the city the next day, he was starving.

dog saw dustbin in a backyard

He found a house nearby and sneaked into the backyard.

dog saw food in dustbin

And there, he discovered a dustbin filled with food.

dog is happy after eating the food

His eyes filled with joy, and he happily ate to his heart’s content.

owner of the house noticed the dog

The owner of the house noticed the dog but didn’t chase him away.

owner gives the dog his leftover food

Instead, the owner let him have the leftovers.

dog enjoy in the house

Days passed, and the dog enjoyed his time in the new city. He even gained a little weight.

local dogs saw the stranger dog

However, the local dogs nearby caught wind of his presence.

local dogs unhappy to saw stranger dog

They were unhappy about a stranger dog in their area and decided to teach him a lesson.

local dogs attacked the stranger dog

One day, when the owners of the house was away on vacation, the local dogs attacked him.

the dog is injured

The poor dog suffered brutal injuries.

dog was out of the city

He was chased out of the city.

dog is thinking about his previous home

Limping and wounded, he found a safe place and thought, “Oh, how I wish I hadn’t left my home! There was indeed no food.

the dog is missing his friends

but at least  my friends  would protect me no matter what.”

the dog slept in the garden in the cold

He licked his wounds and slept in the open garden in the cold, determined to return home as soon as possible.

Moral Of The Story

it does not matter that your home is small or big. home is the best place for all of us

Home is best no matter what your home looks or feels like

MCQs based on the Story

1. Who is the main character of the story?

a) A cat
b) A dog
c) A rabbit
d) A bird


2. Why did the dog end up in a foreign city?

a) It was searching for some food.
b) It was on vacation.
c) It was looking for a new home.
d) It was following its owner.


3. How did the dog feel in the foreign city?

a) Excited
b) Scared
c) Happy
d) Bored


4. Who attacked the dog in the foreign city?

a) Local dogs
b) A cat
c) A kind lady
d) A bird


5. What lesson can you learn from the story?

a) Dogs should never go for walks.
b) Home is best no matter what your home looks or feels like
c) Foreign cities are dangerous for dogs.
d) Lost dogs can never find their way home.


6. What did the dog realize at the end of the story?

a) The dog realized the importance of home.
b) The dog stayed with the kind lady forever.
c) The dog decided to explore more foreign cities.
d) The dog became friends with other dogs.


7. Who first notices the dog in the foreign city?

a) Another dog
b) A cat
c) Owner of the house
d) A bird


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