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The Wicked Crow

This is a moral story about a wicked crow who learns to be kind and generous through the life lessons she encounters. The story follows the crow’s journey as she discovers the importance of being kind and generous and the consequences of her not being so. The story will teach readers about the importance of being kind and generous and will also provide a valuable moral lesson. Hope you will like it. You can download this storybook (PDF) with the link given in the end of the story.

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Moral Story – The Wicked Crow

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Front Page Of Book Cover

The Wicked Crow

The wicked crow-2

Once upon a time, a hungry crow was searching for food.

The wicked crow-3

After a long time, he arrived at a nearby seashore and luckily found a clam.

The wicked crow-4

He held the clam in his beak and tried to break it open, to reach the tasty meat inside.

The Wicked Crow

But how could the clamshell break? The clamshell is very hard. No matter how hard he tried to open the clam. 

The wicked crow-7

The crow felt hungry and helpless.

The wicked crow-8

Suddenly, another crow approached him and said, “Hey, you’re doing it all wrong! 

The wicked crow-9

“Listen to me. Take the clam in your beak and fly up as high as you can”

The wicked crow-10

And drop it onto the rocks on the ground.

The wicked crow-11

“The shell will crack easily. Give it a try, my friend!”

The wicked crow-12

The hungry crow was impressed by this idea.

The wicked crow-13

So, he took the clam in his beak and flew high into the sky. 

The wicked crow-14

He dropped the clam onto the rocks, just as he was told.

The wicked crow-15

As expected, the clam cracked open, revealing the delicious meat inside. 

The wicked crow-16

However, the wicked crow quickly snatched the meat and ate it all.

The Wicked Crow

Then, with a smirk, he flew away. His cunning plan had succeeded.

The Wicked Crow

The innocent crow landed and felt angry at his misfortune. 

The Wicked Crow

He went to sleep that night with an empty stomach and made a promise to himself never to trust a stranger so easily again.


The Wicked Crow


MCQ’s based on the story

1. Where did the crow find the clam?

a) In a tree
b) In a river
c) In a seashore
d) In a field


2. How did the other crow suggest opening the clamshell?

a) Pecking at it repeatedly
b) Using a rock to hit it
c) Flying up high and dropping it onto rocks
d) Asking a human for help


3. Who ate the all food in the story?

a) A kind sparrow
b) A wise owl
c) Another wicked crow
d) Crow


4. Who was sleeping on an empty stomach?

a) A kind sparrow
b) A wise owl
c) Crow
d) Another Crow


5. What is the moral of the story?

a) crow was foolish
b) crow was wicked
c) another crow was sharped
d) you should not trust strangers blindly



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