What causes a forest fire?

What causes a forest fire

Lightning strikes can cause forest fires when they hit trees or dry vegetation, igniting them due to the immense heat generated by the strike.



1. What human activity is most likely to cause forest fires?

A) Hiking
B) Camping
C) Fishing
D) Swimming


2. Which of the following conditions is least likely to contribute to the spread of forest fires?

A) Dry vegetation
B) High winds
C) Heavy rainfall
D) Hot temperatures


3. What is a preventative measure to reduce the risk of forest fires?

A) Leaving campfires unattended
B) Throwing cigarette butts in the forest
C) Cutting back trees and brush around homes
D) Using fireworks in forest areas


4. Which of these is an example of an accidental human cause of forest fires?

A) Lighting fireworks in a prohibited area
B) Intentionally setting a forest on fire
C) A prescribed burn getting out of control
D) Natural lightning strikes


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