Why do some animals hibernate in the winter?

Why do some animals hibernate in the winter

Some animals hibernate in the winter to survive periods when food is scarce and temperatures are very low. Hibernation allows them to conserve energy by significantly slowing down their metabolism.



1. Why do animals hibernate?

A) To enjoy the snow
B) To look for food
C) To save energy and survive the winter
D) To play with other animals


2. Which one of these animals does not hibernate?

A) Bear
B) Frog
C) Elephant
D) Bat


3. What happens to an animal’s body temperature during hibernation?

A) It increases
B) It decreases
C) It stays the same
D) It disappears


4. Can all animals hibernate?

A) Yes, all animals can
B) No, only certain animals can
C) Only animals with fur
D) Only animals with feathers


5. What do animals eat before they start hibernating?

A) Nothing
B) As much as they can
C) Only plants
D) Only water

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