How do glaciers form?

How do glaciers form

Glaciers form primarily through the compaction and recrystallization of snow, which over time turns into dense ice.



1. Over what time frame can glaciers form?

A. Over a few weeks
B. Over a few years
C. Over many years
D. Overnight

2. What role does snow play in the formation of glaciers?

A. It provides a reflective surface that aids in melting.
B. It acts as an insulator to keep the glacier cool.
C. It is the primary material that gets compacted into ice.
D. It has no role in the formation of glaciers.

3. What happens to the snow during the formation of a glacier?

A. It melts completely and then refreezes.
B. It is compacted and recrystallized into ice.
C. It sublimates directly into vapor.
D. It evaporates under the sun.


4. Can glaciers form in any location where there is snow?

A. Yes, if there is enough snowfall.
B. No, only in areas close to the equator.
C. Yes, but only in high altitudes.
D. No, specific conditions of cold and sufficient snow accumulation are required.


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