Numbers Coloring Worksheets for Kids

Learning numbers is one of the first things that children are taught in kindergarten. It is crucial in building a strong foundation in mathematics and so learning numbers is a very important step in a child’s learning journey. A great way to engage children and teach them counting is to use objects that interest them – toys, bright balls or even pebbles from the playground can be used.

Visual aids are an effective method of explaining novel concepts to children. A fun activity that not only keeps children engaged during the day but also helps them learn is colouring and these worksheets are just the perfect combination.

The task here is simple – colour the number provided in the worksheet and count the number of cookie plates at the bottom right. This not only acts as a creative outlet for children but also helps them recall the topic of numbers and counting.

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Numbers Coloring Worksheets for Kids


This is the first worksheet and as you can see the number 1 is depicted. Children can colour the number in any colour or pattern they want and can even practice writing the number in the empty space.

This s the second worksheet with the number 2 depicted with a criss-cross pattern. Children can use different colours for the different boxes and make a beautiful pattern for themselves!

This is the third worksheet with the number 3 depicted on it. Don’t forget to count the number of cookie platters on the bottom right corner!

This is the fourth worksheet depicting the number four with a fun design on the picture. This piques children’s curiosity and pushes them to be artistic and creative. At the same time, they now know how to write the number as  well.

This is the fifth worksheet that depicts the number 5. Count the number of cookie platters at the bottom of the worksheet to hone your counting skills!


This is the sixth worksheet depicting the number 6. Children can practice counting and writing numbers with the aid of these worksheets.


This is the worksheet for the number 7. Now as the numbers get bigger, make sure your child is focused and concentrates on counting correctly.


This is the worksheet for the number 8. As children count, it is important to reinforce the idea that the last number they land upon when counting denotes the total number of items they have counted. While this idea may come to them instinctively, explicit guidance will help them grasp the concept even quicker.

This is the last and final worksheet for the number nine.


Learning counting and numbers takes time and patience and varied activities such as these worksheets is a great way to prevent children from getting bored as they study. Kindergarteners are young and curious and so learning comes naturally to them. The best way to approach learning at this age is through fun and enjoyable activities that inculcate a positive attitude towards learning.

So, don’t wait any longer. Download your Numbers Colouring worksheets and get your child’s learning journey started today!

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