Zoo Animal Counting Numbers Worksheets for Kids

Children at that young age are very interested and inherently want to know about the different animals because they think the animals are cool and fun. So, by using the animals from the zoo, we have brought an edition where the kid will count the number of animals and then circle the correct number. Learning about various types of animals and counting them will be an interesting phase in a child’s education campaign and what better way to teach them than using entertaining and picturesque worksheets?

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Zoo Animal Counting Practice Worksheets


This first worksheet represents the four different animals. There are few numbers given at the end of each animal. The child needs to count, how many animals are present in each box. You can direct the child and point out each animal as they learn the word for it- this will help them envision the numbers that they’re studying.

Zoo Animal Counting Numbers Worksheets for Kids

The second worksheet works on the same. Have some fun with your kid by making the activity more interesting and helping them learn better. This will keep them excited and focus-driven throughout the process. Learning the counting will help the kids express themselves adequately, both literally and in writing. Help the kid if he gets into any trouble.

Zoo Animal Counting Numbers Worksheets for Kids

The third and final worksheet will help the kid to completely understand the given concept. In this final worksheet, make the kid do the thing on his own. This is where the information transferred will come in handy for the child. . It is quite simple to do and the child should not face any difficulty while solving this, but if they do, the child’s queries need to be answered.

Zoo Animal Counting Numbers Worksheets for Kids

The good thing about these worksheets is the kid will not get bored at any stage. The child must know the importance of these worksheets and how this is going to help him, develop his mental abilities. That is very essential. After handing in the worksheet the parents have to be responsible as well for being competent and supervising them if they make errors. This is all a kid needs in his early days before going to school. It will also encourage them in completing the course of simple counting in a very simple way. So, give your best to make your kid smart by not letting him get dull or bored.

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