Why do some animals have claws?

Why do some animals have claws

Some animals have claws primarily for defense against predators, hunting and capturing prey, digging or burrowing into the ground, and climbing trees or other structures. Claws provide these animals with a versatile tool for survival in their respective environments.


Where are the claws?


1. What is one reason bears have claws?

A) To knit sweaters
B) To dig for food
C) To write books
D) To paint pictures


2. Why do some birds have claws?

A) To play video games
B) To hold onto branches
C) To blow bubbles
D) For sewing clothes


3. How do lions use their claws?

A) To do magic tricks
B) To catch and hold their prey
C) To bake cakes
D) To play the piano


4. Why do sloths have long claws?

A) To hang from trees
B) For running fast
C) To play guitar
D) For cooking


5. What purpose do the claws of sea turtles serve?

A) For making sand castles
B) For cutting hair
C) To help them swim
D) For typing on keyboards


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